To All The Teachers Who were laid off last year due to the IUSD's inability to keep their house in order financially, we the Inglewood Teachers Association sincerely apologize.  Unfortunately it seems the District's payroll department and the HR Department do NOT have the understanding or the capacity to understand that DOCKING YOUR PAYCHECKS during the month after you've worked will cause you a financial hardship.  So for the second month in succession, some of our former members were DOCKED $98.18 for CTA Union Dues.  In another part of this website you can find how to maintain your membership in CTA by writing a check and sending it directly to the address.  However, our ITA-IUSD Collective Bargaining Agreement does NOT cover substitute teachers.  So why does IUSD continue to DOCK YOUR PAYCHECKS? 

We think they are unable to understand the implications of this continuation of BAD BEHAVIOR!!!  It certainly makes all of us upset when we don't receive all our  compensation.  WE ALL HAVE EXPENSES, MR. MCHENRY!!! 

Please go to the Payroll Supervisor on Monday morning and assert your rightous indignation, directly, but firmly let her know that you'll be expecting a refund of the entire $98.18 by the end of the day Monday.

On your way out of the district office, please stop by Mr. McHenry's office and again explain that you are not to be DOCKED after being laid off.  It's just BAD MANNERS.